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The Power of Talent Sharing = Competition and Cooperation
Between Hospitals
Every hospital has pre-qualified and vetted nurse talent stored in their ATS or Talent CRM. These are the candidates who went through the qualification process but weren’t the “best fit” for a particular job at a certain point in time. However, many are good, quality nurses that may be a “better fit” at another hospital that has a critical need. But there hasn’t been a way to share these valuable resources, until now..

The Power of SharingSM

Why make the shift from competition to co-opetition?

As the demand for nurses is outstripping the supply, it’s fueling an overly competitive marketplace where hospitals fight over the same talent. A competitive model alone isn’t enough to fill vacant nurse jobs any longer. As the market tightens for talent, hospitals must come together and incorporate elements of cooperation to create a new, bigger nurse marketplace that is beneficial for candidates and hospitals alike. Talent sharing allows hospitals to build quality talent pools where they all can capitalize on the investments each hospital has already invested in the hiring process.

Free up recruiting time that is wasted on reviewing and screening marginal candidates. Minimize wasted interview time for the hiring managers by starting with a pre-qualified nurse.
In talent acquisition today, the time and money it takes to continuously “start from scratch” every time a new job opens is highly inefficient. MedX360 allows its members to leverage the work of others to avoid this problem.
Quality of hire will improve by starting with a fully vetted candidate from a nurse manager, not a recruiter.

Why Share?

There are too many hospitals and recruiters “fighting” over a finite number of nurses in the job market at any given time.

The MedX360 Network

Advantages of Sharing?

Improve Candidate Quality

“Spray and Pray” tactics aren’t getting the attention of “A” candidates.

Save Valuable Time

Shorten the hiring cycle by starting several steps beyond the job posting and the application process.

Elevate Candidate Experience

Show candidates that you are supporting their career by helping them find a job beyond the walls of your hospital. Hoarding them in an ATS or CRM doesn’t help anyone.

Minimize the High Costs of Alternative Staffing

Reliance on travel nurses and staffing firms is negatively affecting both the top and bottom line of hospitals.

The team at MedX360 invited me to join the network at no cost, and I was immediately exposed to other hospitals in the local and national markets with direct access to the hiring managers.